Lietuvos archeologijos draugija

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Pradžia Society
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Society of the Lithuanian Archaeology

The Society of Lithuanian archaeology is an independent voluntary scientific public organization uniting archaeologists and members of the public in order to preserve, study, manage, and popularize archaeological heritage and to co-ordinate these activities. Currently 177 members of the Society of Lithuanian Archaeology include the scholars and academics of archeology and related discipline, with the extensive experience in conducting the research and international projects. The applicant maintains its own facilities that will be used for implementation of the project.
The applicant has been conducting similar projects in the for more than 5 years. Within last three last years it conducted following projects of production of databases of cultural heritage and its protection: Informational database “Lithuanian hillforts” (2007), “ Archaeological Investigations in Lithuania” (2007), “Fortifications of Grand Duchy of Lithuania” (2008), “Virtual Library of Lithuanian Archaeological Heritage” (2009).
The applicant organized and carried out 6 international conferences: “Recent Archaeological Investigations in Lithuania” (2007, 2008,2009, 2010), “New Methodology in Archaeology” (2008),“Underwater Archaeology in the Baltic Region: Challenges and Perspectives” (2009).
The applicant publishes “Archaeological investigations in Lithuania annually since 2006.
The applicant conducts the project “Archeological and Underwater Research of Objects and Localities of Specific Cultural Value” in collaboration with the Department of Cultural Heritage of Lithuania since 2007.
The applicant is involved in cultural tourism development through organizing public excursions to archaeological and historical monuments, preparing and publishing information on tourism routs related to cultural heritage objects.
The applicant organizes the series of public lectures devoted to a famous Lithuanian archaeologist Marija Gimbutiene, and organizes archaeological summer school for pupil to promote cultural heritage annually since 2007.

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